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HSCP Course Offerings

International Tamil Academy, originally known as California Tamil Academy, is now offering four levels of Tamil courses for High School students.

Please refer the below table for the Course levels, Student's school grade requirements and the prerequisites.

If there are any requirement changes per school district, it is mentioned in the school specific pages in https://catamilacademy.org/HSCPITABranchSchools.html

HSCP Level Requirement Prerequisites
Tamil 1 - Beginning High School Level 7th Grade or above None
Tamil 2 - Intermediate High School Level 8th Grade or above 1. Tamil 1 or
2. Grade B or higher in ITA Evaluation Test(*)
Tamil 3 - Upper Intermediate High School level 9th Grade or above Tamil 2
Tamil 4 - Advanced High School Level 10th Grade or above Tamil 3

(*)The evaluation test would consist of both Written and Oral questions to evaluate if the students are ready for HSCP 2 level. Refer our Course content for HSCP 1 to know what language skills are expected for qualifying to go to HSCP 2.

At each level, language skills - Conversation, Reading and Writing are developed by following the syllabus and course materials developed by experienced language experts.

Additionally, to educate the students with Tamil culture, traditions of the Tamil Society, we use the Tamil festival celebrations, Regional films and discussions on the current events.

Course Materials:

The books and other materials required will be supplied by California Tamil Academy (ITA).

Syllabus and Lesson Plans:

The Weekly lesson plan which is used to cover the syllabus would be made available to the students in the web system. Parents with their login access can get the document for their reference.

Grading Policies:

Normally ITA follows the following grading method.

A     =     90% - 100%
B     =     80% - 89.9%
C     =     70% - 79.9%
D     =     60% - 69.9%
F     =     0.0% - 59.9%

With a grade of D, course credit is given, but the student may not be able to continue to the next level in the sequence. With a grade of F, no course credit will be given.

If the grading method differ for any school district, ITA will follow the school district's grading policy when reporting the grades to the School district/School.


For your general questions about HSCP, please refer the FAQ documents in the respective ITA Branch/School's HSCP webpages. The Branch/School's webpage links are available at http://catamilacademy.org/HSCPITABranchSchools.html 

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