High School Credit Program (HSCP)

Tamil, a South Indian language, has been found to be one of the most ancient languages of the world, with its literature dating back to 300 BC. It is one of the main languages spoken in India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia, and is also spoken by significant minorities in many countries including England, Canada, and the United States.

Tamil language and literature has been taught at UC Berkeley for more than 40 years, and also has its own department at University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Texas - Austin.

International Tamil Academy, originally known as California Tamil Academy, is now offering four levels of Tamil courses for the High School students. These courses are approved as world language courses like French, Spanish, etc. by various school districts in San Francisco Bay Area.

About HSCP

HSCP stands for High School Credit Program
This program by ITA is to offer classes in Tamil to meet World Language study requirements of US schools
ITA offers four levels of Tamil like any other world language subject like - French, Spanish etc. in public Schools
Students can choose to study Tamil instead of any other languages
Meets the University application requirement of minimum number (number vary) of study of world languages at High School.
All US Universities accept this World Language credits
Like any other course taken in regular school, Tamil also will be recorded in school transcript and will be used to calculate the final GPA

For more details about this program, please click the following links:

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For your general questions about HSCP, please refer the FAQ documents in the respective ITA Branch/School's HSCP webpages. (Use the option 3 above)