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HSCP offered at Fremont-Washington branch

HSCP Classes offered:

Fremont branch conducts classes for the following Tamil courses. These are approved by FUSD for World Language Requirement for high school graduation

HSCP Level 1 - Tamil 1
HSCP Level 2 - Tamil 2
HSCP Level 3 - Tamil 3
HSCP Level 4 - Tamil 4

School District Approval Information

The FUSD approval and the related information can be referred using the link Click Here for FUSD-Tamil

School District's High School Graduation requirement

High School Graduation requirement is available at https://www.fremont.k12.ca.us/Page/12032.
Also refer https://www.fremont.k12.ca.us/cms/lib04/CA01000848/Centricity/Domain/3466/Requirements%202013-14.pdf


For your general questions about HSCP, please refer the FAQ document using this link - HSCP-FAQ

HSCP Fremont - Contact Information

To contact by email, please use the email id hscp.fremont@catamilacademy.org

For HSCP officer and Principal contact details, please refer ITA website using this link Contact

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