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HSCP offered at Cupertino branch

HSCP Classes offered:

Cupertino branch conducts classes for the following Tamil course. This is approved by FUHSD for elective subject.

HSCP Level 1 - Tamil 1
HSCP Level 2 - Tamil 2

School District Approval Information

Only students in 9th to 12 grade in FUHSD can take this course.

No more than 40 outside credits will be included on an FUHSD transcript over four years as per http://www.fuhsd.org/courses

FUHSD's Approval Summary: High school age students, grades 9 - 12, who successfully complete a year-long course with ITA Tamil school will be eligible to receive ten (10) credits in the elective area to apply towards meeting the overall number of units needed for high school graduation.

The FUHSD approval and the related information can be referred using the link Click Here for FUHSD-Tamil

School District's High School Graduation requirement

High School Graduation requirement is available at http://www.fuhsd.org/courses


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HSCP Cupertino - Contact Information

To contact by email, please use the email id hscp.cupertino@catamilacademy.org

For HSCP officer and Principal contact details, please refer ITA website using this link Contact

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